Thursday, March 23, 2017

"How to Support Women in the Age of Trump"

Alternative blog post title: "What the Hell Are We Going To Do With a Batch of Whiskey Named After This Hapless Loser?"

Pia Carusone and Rachel Gardner, owners of the Republic Restoratives distillery, got the bright idea prior to the recent election to go with the smart money and come out with a whiskey label to honor the first woman president of the United States.


That didn't work out quite as planned. So now, Carusone and Gardner, under the rubric of rallying, reviving and otherwise bucking up the flagging spirits of the proglodyte women's movement, are convening a coven sponsoring a fund-raiser for The Cause, which they hope will help them unload 4,652 bottles of coffin paint labeled "Rodham Rye".
Rodham Rye will launch on March 25 with a “community conversation” at the Ivy City distillery entitled “How to Support Women in the Age of Trump.” After a panel discussion, Republic Restoratives will lead tours and offer samples and cocktails, while female-owned vendors will provide food. Five percent of proceeds from the $79 bottles will go to EMILY’s List, an organization that helps pro-choice Democratic women running for office.
I toyed with the idea of buying a bottle, as a kind of curio, but I decline to put money in the hands of the pro-abortion crowd. Besides, at $79 a bottle, the investment would make a large hole in my monthly budget for Thunderbird.

Commenters are invited to create a winning slogan - Oops! Too late for that! - make that an amusing slogan to help these gals move that booze.

My entry: "Rodham Rye: One glass of this stuff and you won't care who won the election."

Super-big H/T to Mrs. Paco for spotting this story.


JeffS said...

"Rodham Rye, the Feminist Drink of Choice: it takes the hair OFF your chest!"

Mike_W said...

Rodham Rye - Genuine Hillary pee

Mike_W said...

Must have taken Hillary a while to fill 4,652 bottles.

rinardman said...

The result is a spirit with pink peppercorn spiciness, vanilla bean and kettle corn sweetness, and subtle cinnamon notes.

I've never drank alcoholic beverages, at all; but the description of this whiskey makes me think...well...yeah, I was right all along.

My slogan: Rodham Rye - Bill Clinton's choice for bedtime 'beer goggles'!

bruce said...

To put the hilarity back into Hillary,

If you have a crush on this lush,

Don't slurp on turps,

Or choose cheap booze,

Buy Rodham Rye, you'll g*dd*m cry!

Mike_W said...

Rob them dry, while drinking Rodham Rye.

RebeccaH said...

Rodham Rye = for $78.21 more than it's worth.

Veeshir said...

Rodham Rye! Drown Your Sorrows In A Witch's Tears!

Rodham Rye, it could make Hillary look good!

$80 for a bottle of, I'd bet crappy, booze made in DC?
I went to Republic Restoratives' website and found their other boozes. They have vodka, bourbon and rye. There's no page for the rye, but I do love their description of their bourbon
"hints of vanilla bean and saddle leather"

I'm not sure if I want to drink saddle leather.

That does make me really not want to know what there are "hints" of in Rodham Rye.

Gregoryno6 said...

Spare the Rodham. They spoiled the rye.

HAL9000 said...

I'm sure they can recover some of their costs by marketing the stuff as paint remover.