Monday, March 27, 2017

So, I used to think Paul Ryan was a pretty smart guy

I'm beginning to think I was misinformed. Kurt Schlichter opines:
Ryan is still making tactical errors. Instead of saying, “Tomorrow, I am calling together all the stakeholders and we are getting right back to work on fixing this,” it was, “Well, that was sad. Let’s forget about repealing Obamacare for a while and work on tax reform because it’s important to let the media spin us as focusing all our efforts on giving tax cuts to the rich instead of cutting normal people’s premiums.” And you just know Wonky O’Tonedeaf is going to wheel out a tax reform abortion cobbled together in some Cannon Office Building utility closet that screws over Republican voters with cuts to the home mortgage, charity, and state tax deductions because why wouldn’t the GOP be stupid enough to shaft its own voters while still managing to get painted by the media as toadying to the rich?


Veeshir said...

That assumes his goal was to get rid of Obamacare.

If you accept it was just throwing fish at my face to get me to slap my fins and honk my squeezy bulb, you realize he's even stupider than you thought.

That stopped working 32 Obamacare repeal bills and 264 HEARINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ago.
He needs a new schtick.

I know! He could do what the people who gave the GOP Congress and the POTUSy!!!!!

rinardman said...

It seems the new normal is that Dimocrats are the party of insane, and the Republicans are the party of stupid.

And we're the party of screwed.