Sunday, April 23, 2017


I thought about using some kind of French tag in the post title, but I hate having to fuss with all those frilly accent marks. Anyhow, right-winger Marine Le Pen (at 21.7% in the first round) has made it into the second round of the presidential election and will face off against leftist-posing-as-centrist Emmanuel Macron (23.7%).

Now, I don't profess to know much about the French election process, but I think slap-fighting and guillotines figure into it somehow. So, should be interesting.


rinardman said...

As a never great woman once said: What difference, at this point, does it make?

France is going downhill faster than Detroit in the '70s.

bruce said...

Macron seems to be the epitome of everything that's wrong with the world right now. Rich bureaucrat with all the right connections, a French Miliband. A more aggressive Trudeau.

But who gets France anyway? They've been pro-Muslim for 300 years, since at least Boullainvilliers' 'La Vie de Mahomet' (1728) praising the 'enlightened lawgiver', which influenced Voltaire (and US lawmakers who put Mhd statues on their civic buildings). The idea that a single individual could rewrite the laws influenced Napoleon.

We are reaping what we sowed from our rebellion against Christendom centuries ago. Secularism is tacit surrender to Islam, but we only woke up and saw that 15 years ago.

bruce said...

The French got to keep their overseas empire but the British didn't. What's with that? My years in India showed me that the British Empire was brilliant and wonderful. But it had to go, in the name of progress.

It's not true that Indians were united against it. So many Indians I've met say it was great. Young Indians are heavily influenced by the USA, while their parents are very British. The result is weakness: India was once the only Asian superpower under the Brits. Admittedly people are richer and all the old problems of starvation and disease are gone, so I'm 2-minded about this 'progress'.

bruce said...

The elite are too stupid to have an actual conspiracy. But they are cunning enough to fight for seats on the gravy train. At some stage that gravy train switched from nationalism to globalism, especially at the end of the Cold War. 'Governance' is the elite's creed, Macron is bred to rule that world: