Wednesday, April 19, 2017

They just won't quit

One of our congressional ignoroscenti - one Earl Blumenauer, D[ouchebag], Oregon - is proposing legislation that would permit former presidents to act as a panel to remove a sitting president who turns out to be "unfit" for office (wonder if he has anyone particular in mind).

And get this:
A handful of Democratic lawmakers have openly raised questions about Trump's psychological state since he took office in January, including Blumenauer, Sen. Al Franken (Minn.) and Reps. Ted Lieu (Calif.) and John Yarmuth (Ky.)."
That's right. Senator Al Franken is one of the people concerned about Trump's mental state. You remember Al Franken, don't you?

Hey, thanks for nothing, Minnesota.


sumon tripura said...
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Holding My Nose said...

Since the Maxine Waters impeach 45 option seems more and more unlikely the delusional Left is now hanging its hat on the 25th Amendment. Oh, and that groundswell of anti-Trump sentiment which was supposed to turn the GA 6th district Congressional seat over to the LibDems didn't work out either did it?

rinardman said...

I guess it doesn't matter that most of the 'former Presidents' were just as unfit for office as the judged President.

Maybe it's a case of "takes one, to know one".

RebeccaH said...

Who gets to judge the president as "unfit"? What criteria would they use (I know the answer to that one, "He's a Republican"). This is hair-brained as all the Dems' other so-called ideas.

bruce said...

So the Press get to conspire to subvert the people's choice. I thought Citizen Kane was supposed to be a salutary lesson? That's all out the window now.

Paco said...

Bruce: More like a user's manual.

Gregoryno6 said...

Maybe they'll realise how ridiculous they've become by 2020. Or 2024. Or 2028. Or... hell - pick a year, any year.
Paco, was the deleted comment deemed libellous, obscene, or was it one of those 'I make $3000 a week working from home' spams?

Paco said...

Gregory: It was one of those things that run along the lines of "I have just stumbled across your most excellent blog. Feel free to visit my site..." So, spam, yeah.

Veeshir said...

Vodkapundit had a good post about spammers once.
He told them not to tell him how great his blog is, they should post 100-300 word screeds arguing a minor point he didn't make, call him an a-hole and say you'll never be back.
Then put in your spam link.
The ones that say how great your blog is just stick out from the norm too much.