Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Probably the right move

Trump fires FBI Director Comey.

Liberal press interprets this as an attempt to derail Comey's investigation of Trump's alleged Russia connections in 3...2...1...

President Donald Trump abruptly fired FBI Director James Comey Tuesday, ousting the nation's top law enforcement official in the midst of an investigation by the agency into whether Trump's campaign had ties to Russia's election meddling [emphasis mine - Paco].


rinardman said...

Chuck Norris, FBI Director...there ya go.

Chuck Norris fact: When Chuck Norris goes skydiving, he jumps from the ground to the plane.

bruce said...

Apparently firing Comey is the signal for the right wing takeover and lefties will all be put in prison camps.

Time to get those old brown shirts out of mothballs:

Oh wait, that was the Democrats.

bruce said...

Y'know, Krauthammer represents the common 'West Wing' view that it's all a delicate balancing act and the President must be a master of diplomacy. But why should the US have to kowtow to anyone? Who cares if they're confused? No one has a right to the USA's generosity. Being a superpower must mean something more than being the world's nanny!

Holding My Nose said...

Apparently all of the major news outlets got the talking points memo because they are all singing the same tune.

RebeccaH said...

Is anybody surprised by the Dems' reaction? They've spent every day since the election crying and whining that Comey cost Hillary the election, and then BAM! Trump fires him and they change direction so fast, it's a wonder they don't all have whiplash. I knew last night when I heard about Comey's firing that this was what they'd do. Democrats these days are nothing if not drearily predictable.

Spiny Norman said...

A mere 6 months ago, the Democrats were united in demanding Comey's head on a pike; now that they got their wish, they're screaming "bloody murder" and claiming it's an assault on Democracy.

Where would the Democrats be without Hypocrisy?