Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"8 Reasons to Invest in a 9 mm Pistol-Caliber Carbine"

Meh. I'm not totally convinced. I guess they make a pretty good choice for home defense, given the reasons provided. But I prefer my Vepr shotgun ('cuz I'm one of those guys who doesn't mind having to replace his drywall and a couple of windows).

Curious: What do you folks like for home protection?


rinardman said...

What do you folks like for home protection?

Actually, I've found living in an area where probably 9 out of 10 homes have at least one firearm...and everyone knows that...makes for a low crime rate.

Of course, I'm not that 1 out of 10, and there's way more than one. But, yeah, shotgun.

Mike_W said...

An axe.

bruce said...

Axe? Sounds like our Australian options (golf club, cricket bat...), not a good idea when you're getting old with hernias, Mike. Ripped my hernia while mattocking, imagine if your adrenaline is up.

So far haven't had to worry but who knows in the future? Only times strangers banged on the door late at night it was the cops, asking about the fellow across the road who has Bipolar and attacked his mother.

Zardoz said...

Mossberg 500A shotgun with a pistol grip stock and lots of 12 gauge double aught buck.

Veeshir said...

Whatever's closest.
I don't like to restrict myself.

Veeshir said...

I meant to ask, have you ever fired an Uzi? Not full auto, just semi-?

As my buddy says, they have a high funs per minute ratio.

That's also a good zombie apocalypse gun. It's quick and easy to change the 32rd mags and since it's relatively heavy, it doesn't ride up. You're still on target after firing.

I'm a big fan of pistol-caliber carbines, but I don't know if I'd use any of them for intruder-in-the-night defense. Maybe, Intruders on my lawn going all antifa maybe, but not in the house.

Mike_W said...

bruce, it's not really an axe; more like a little hammer, slightly pointy on one side due to age and rust.
I think it was made in 1743.

Paco said...

Veeshir: Never have. Which is strange, I guess, because when I first encountered one in a gun store in Miami more than 30 years ago, I burned with a blue flame of desire to own one. Couldn't afford it, at the time. I think such guns must be fun to shoot. Almost bought a Beretta Cx4 Storm (9mm) a couple of years ago, but something else caught my eye (I think that was the time I bought a beautiful Colt 1991 Gov't .38 Super).

Veeshir said...

I used to have a Storm in .45acp but now I have one in .40S&W.
They're fun but not as fun as the Uzi. The Uzi is heavier so it's easier to keep on target, the Storm bounces.
Plus, the Storm is pretty much a pistol with a stock and a long barrel, the Uzi is a submachine gun.

I'm not a big fan of 9mm, I've never owned a 9mm pistol.
My favorite line on that is that it's a .45acp set on 'stun'.

Paco said...

My favorite line on that is that it's a .45acp set on 'stun'.

Now that's funny.