Friday, July 21, 2017

Happy Feet Friday

One of my favorite singers from the 1940s, Ella Mae Morse, performs "Buzz Me".


bruce said...

We should always respect our roots, but I want to mention a band which has a special place for me:

CCR - Creedence Clearwater. I'm listening right now to Born on the Bayou, Bootleg and Graveyard Train, which was when Fogerty dug into his bayou gold mine (which he discovered with the song Porterville he wrote previously).

They were California boys who had never been in those places (just as the Beach Boys weren't surfers), but it's just magic stuff which I grew up with and knocks me out even now. Great songs, great band.

Wish I could get hold of the great movie which inspired it all, made by a Renoir:

Paco said...

California boys? Uh oh, sounds like cultural appropriation!

Jonah said...

Johnny Cash never shot a man in Reno!

Cultural Appropriation!

bruce said...

Culture of Reno or culture of man-shooters?

Paco said...

Could be both.

Seriously, though, I've always liked CCR's music; truly classic stuff.