Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Here's what real collusion with Russia looks like

Maybe the media covered this at the time, I don't recall: "Remember when Ted Kennedy asked the Russians to 'interfere'?"


rinardman said...

Ummm, Paco, Ted Kennedy was a Dimocrat named Kennedy, remember? If the media covered it, they probably called it a "fact finding mission", or "diplomatic outreach", or "discussions on Soviet-American relations".

Anything but what it should have been called: "stabbing Reagan in the back!"

BTW, Rush brings it up every so often as one of the best examples of attempted Dimocrat election meddling.

RebeccaH said...

Of course most people never heard about it because back then, the media didn't dish dirt on the royal Kennedys. And they still don't if they can help it.

Deborah said...

The Lion of the Senate, The Swimmer of Chappaqua, The Sandwich Man colluding? It must be a mistake because as we are told by our betters, only Republicans collude. Teddy was only trying to better U.S - Russian relations.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy runs wild!

Jonah said...

The Colluding Collusers of Collusion.
Oh you've got trouble.
Right here in River City.
Witha a capital T and that rhymes with c
and that stands for collusion.

*segue into Marx Brothers*
Hillary Dumont sings us into war with Russia.

I don't know.