Thursday, May 23, 2019

Happy Feet Friday

Dizzy Gillespie and friends, with a recording of "Good Bait" (1945). In addition to Gillespie, personnel include Trummy Young on trombone, Don Byas on tenor sax, Clyde Hart on piano, Oscar Pettiford on bass and Irv Kluger on drums.

Bonus item! Dizzy Gillespie played with Cab Calloway for a couple of years beginning in 1939, but the two never got along. Tensions mounted and finally came to a head, resulting in a violent encounter, prompted errant spitball. Calloway's bassist at the time, Milt Hinton, witnessed the whole incident and relates it here.


bruce said...

Great story, read it right through as it kept getting better!

Paco said...

I remember reading many years ago that Dizzy Gillespie had stabbed somebody, but only learned recently that it was Cab Calloway.

bruce said...

Cab always rode at the front of the bus behind the driver, what an image. Like he was being chauffeured for a penny, back when stars were poor not like now.