Saturday, August 24, 2019

Home is where the heart is

And the heart of almost every far-left political figure who's got access to a substantial amount of geetus yearns for...Martha's Vineyard. The Obamas, for example, have just purchased a $15 million mansion on 29 - count 'em! - 29 beachfront acres in this storied liberal paradise.

Perhaps global warming is going to wind up being very selective in causing the oceans to rise. I'm sure we all hope so! After all, how dreadful if the Obama estate were to wind up under water a few years from now.

I wonder what Greta would say to such thoughtless climate-change skepticism? Here's Paul Joseph Watson with the lowdown on this fugitive from a Stephen King novel.


Veeshir said...

Aside from the hypocritical hilarity, that's perfect.
Captain Narcissus and Lady Entitlement will be a joy to have around on that small island.
They'll disrupt daily life with every activity. Clinton used to screw up a marathon every year by visiting.

rinardman said...

I want you to panic!

Sorry, kiddo, not gonna happen.

As for Obo the Clown and his modest little socialist dream home, it'll be fun to hear what his sycophants come up with to defend his new lifestyle choice.

Gregoryno6 said...

No doubt your fearless mainstream media will ask hard questions of the Obamas, just as ours did of Tim Flannery when he bought a riverside home just a few steps from the waterline.

Jonah said...

He already slowed the ocean's rise, remember?

RebeccaH said...

Someone described Greta Thunberg's never-changing facial expression as "a thousand-yard-stare". It's perfect.

Spiny Norman said...

Usually the term "thousand yard stare" is assigned to an exhausted soldier or Marine who's been in combat far too long. In young Greta's case, it's just autism.