Sunday, December 29, 2019

Texas church shooting

A gunman opened fire at a church service in Texas, and was taken out by an armed member of the congregation. The assassin was one of two people killed (one other person is in critical condition). Video at the linked post (caution: graphic images).

Joe Biden, demonstrating his typical wisdom, recently criticized the governor of Texas for allowing concealed carry in houses of worship.


RebeccaH said...

It's amazing how fast it all happened, only seconds. Thank God for the armed parishioner who took down the shooter, but there were so many armed people in church that the attacker was a dead man the minute he walked into that church. There would be a lot fewer incidents like this if murderous meth heads and crazy people knew they weren't likely to walk out of it alive and covered in glory. People who oppose 2A and tout gun-free zones should take note (but they won't, because they're stupid).

Paco said...

I read somewhere that the assassin was wearing a false beard or some similar disguise, which was an indication that he intended on getting away. If that was his plan, he should have tried this in California or New York. Tough luck, dumbass!

Gregoryno6 said...

Two thumbs up to the armed churchgoer who solved the problem as it deserved to be solved.
As for ol' Joe, it's time he admitted that his presidential campaign is nothing more than an extended comedy routine.

Deborah said...

It would have been smarter because he would have been given $20.00, a burner phone and released. But then "smart" is definitely not in the equation when someone tries to shoot up a church in Texas. Also, he was, apparently, familiar with this church.

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