Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Of course

Everywhere, I'm seeing quotes from black "activists" and their allies that the Chauvin conviction "isn't justice", or "it's just a first step".

I thought the Civil War was a pretty important first step. And all the practically innumerable civil rights laws and policies that have been enacted since, aren't those steps?

The truth is nothing will ever be enough. The racial grifting is too profitable, the psychic crutch of victimhood too comforting to cast off, the ease with which racial strife can be leveraged to obtain more power too great an opportunity to overlook. It is a relapse into simplistic tribal politics, and it will ultimately fail - at least partly because progressive white chiefs will seek to manipulate and control the whole business for their own benefit.


Steve Skubinna said...

Reparations? Okay, how about over 600,000 dead guys. Reparations enough for you?

Paco said...

Hey, we Pacos came over as indentured servants (sentenced to "transportation"; I imagine one of us stole a cow or a bolt of cloth or something). Do I get to attach the assets of Harry and Meagan?

bruce said...

Re 'progressive white chiefs' - Reading about British abolitionists, especially William Wilberforce, I figure that the sincere ones were high on being 'great white saviours', while of course the rest were in it for the grift.

This whole 'deplorables' vs 'innocent minorities' is already there 200 years ago, as was pointed out at the time:
'The radical writer William Cobbett was among those who attacked what they saw as Wilberforce's hypocrisy in campaigning for better working conditions for slaves while British workers lived in terrible conditions at home.[159] "Never have you done one single act, in favour of the labourers of this country", he wrote'

In fact Wilberforce later started the Society For the Suppression of Vice back home, for the local deplorables. Echoes of NR's Kevin Williamson.

So Paco, Wilberforce probably thought indenture and transportation would be good for your folks' moral uplift. Double standard right there at the start.

Paco said...

Well, gettin' uplifted that way was better than gettin' uplifted by the neck, so we'uns ain't complainin'.

bruce said...

Amen brother! :-)

JeffS said...

I can’t say for certain whether the verdict was correct or not (although I have my suspicions). I do know that police are going to be extremely reluctant, rightly or wrongly, to arrest any black man in this country from now on. This is going to result in a lot more emboldened criminals and a lot more vigilantism.

I can and will say that Black Lives Matters is demonstrating that terrorism works, and that they are the lead terrorists in our nation right now. They are nearly in control of our country, our businesses, and all levels of government. We live in dark days.

Charles Manson’s dreams of a race war are coming closer to reality.

Paco said...

JeffS: If only the FBI could be compelled to see it that way. They're too busy chasing down right-wing boogeymen.

JeffS said...

That would be nice, Paco. But, yeah, it ain't gonna happen. They're too busy kissing BLM's arse.