Thursday, April 22, 2021

The CCP has an odd way of trying to win friends and influence people

 "China...previously warned Canberra it will become the 'poor white trash of Asia' unless it stops pushing back against the ruling Communist Party.

"See, pappy? They's white trash over yonder, too! If we'uns could get together, we could form us a reg'lar empire!"


bruce said...

The Chinese have no concept of national hubris, or collective sense of humility based on the eventual likelihood of nemesis. As a civilisation they are like a spoiled child which always got its own way, and communism only made that worse.

We 'white trash' in contrast experience civilisation as balanced on the edge of the abyss, between Apollo and Dionysus:

So yeah Mr Xi, we shall see, we shall see.

Paco said...

Good assessment of the Chinese character/psyche.

Mike_W said...

To hell with communist China.
We have drop-bears and bunyips.