Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Another RINO who needs to go

"Sen. Bill Cassidy Backs Liz Cheney to Remain in GOP Leadership Post". 

What a complete own-goal. He's not even in the House, didn't have to say anything. But these virtue-signaling Democrats in GOP clothing can't keep their yaps shut. and frankly, I'm glad they do speak out. Makes it easier to primary them next time around.

Update  Looks like your opinion doesn't carry any weight in the House, Bill: "House Republicans Remove Warmonger Liz Cheney from Leadership".


Bucky said...

Daddy Darth Vader's influence extends to Roll Over Party Senators. Must be a money thing.

Who killed Ashli Babbitt?

Steve Skubinna said...

Oh, but she's going to use all her power and influence to make sure Trump is expunged from public life!

Next, vote her sad sorry butt out of office. Are you paying attention, Wyoming?

RebeccaH said...

She'll get a gig at MSNBC or CNN. Joke's on her, of course, since those entities are headed for the landfill.