Saturday, May 8, 2021

Sunday funnies


It might not be better than a mask, but it's certainly bigger (H/T: David Thompson).

New, from Paco Enterprises! The Piscine Aquatic Carry Out unit! (H/T: Ditto)

From Powerline's "The Week in Pictures".


Steve Skubinna said...

That one about "The Experts" was a bit disconcerting. For about eighteen months between the Navy and MSC I worked for a contractor. It was very important to determine precisely what the sponsor was asking for, because we were damn well going to produce exactly what they specified in writing.

Exactly. Didn't matter if it was stupid, if there was a written specification for deliverables, then what we delivered was going to match them to the T.

RebeccaH said...

A certain young lady of my acquaintance once wanted a tattoo of the birth flowers of each of her children on her back. She was very specific about the kind of flowers to the tattoo artist, and gave him a picture she had printed off showing the design. She expected a small flowered tattoo on her back. What she got was an 8 x 10 tattoo of the flowers, because that was the size of the picture she had given him. And once started, you can't correct. It's okay to trust experts, as long as you give them exact parameters.

bruce said...

Biscuits vs cookies, yeah I get it.

It's illegal here to call an Anzac Biscuit a 'cookie' apparently: