Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Too bad for her she wasn't trying to rig a national election

She'd have been in the clear: "Florida student accused of rigging homecoming queen vote could face 16-year sentence".

Update  JeffS reports that the link doesn't work for him. It works for me, but in case it's a dud for anyone else, here's another news report on the story.


JeffS said...

Linky no worky!

Paco said...

Works for me, Jeff. Chris Wray must have gotten into your computer!

Veeshir said...

How is it a criminal case?
Jebus, suspend her, giver her detention, take away her phone, but possible jail time for a school 'election'?
And when do the FBI get involved?

bruce said...

Isn't that, like, the theme of every second high school comedy, dude?

We have become so serious all of a sudden. Well they told us the 21st century would be different.

JeffS said...

Yeah, bizarre, Paco, the link works on a different device. Hmmmm!

The charges are focused on unauthorized network access by the daughter, and failure to follow security procedures on a government network for the mother. The school election was simply the path these actions came to light.

I doubt the daughter will see jail time, but she will probably get a felony conviction. The mother (and vice principal) ... ... we'll see. At the least, she SHOULD be fired.