Monday, August 2, 2021

Classical corner

Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg is, for many people, an acquired taste; his trailblazing in the realm of atonality is complex and brilliant, and has had a profound influence on modern music, but it does tend to jar, initially at least. Here, from his Five Pieces for Orchestra, is a short composition called Peripetie - a term used in literature to refer to a sudden change of fortune. The dramatic and ominous quality of the piece certainly makes it live up to the name.

Bonus video! Here's another musical instrument I had never heard of before today: the heckelphone.


JeffS said...

Herr Schoenberg sounds like he inspired -- or perhaps composed -- several movie soundtracks.

Maybe this one?

Paco said...

I think you can definitely hear his influence in that and other movie soundtracks.