Sunday, August 1, 2021

That's Australia; it can't happen here

O-h-h-h, yes it can! "Police Helicopter Orders People Off Beaches, Hovers over Backyards Enforcing Australian Lockdown".

Worldwide, including the US of A, the COVID-related actions taken by governments represent an extended practice run for enforcing lockdowns and behavioral "mandates" over everything from climate change to "insurrections".

We didn't overthrow a monarchy in order to saddle ourselves with a dictatorial one-party state and its bureaucratic enforcement machinery. What is needed is a heaping helping of the old spirit...

Update  Posted by Allen Skeens in the comments at Instapundit.


Veeshir said...

Spending $100s an hour to threaten people in their backyards.
Canada and Australia have gone freaking crazy and parts of the US are joining them.

Paco said...

"Crazy" is exactly correct.

Gregoryno6 said...

Still enjoying normal life here in McGowanstan, but I know it's not going to last.

bruce said...

Yes Greg, the MSM is in favour of 'short sharp lockdown' as in Queensland so no predictability any more it seems.

Sydney police have never really been on our side, since the convict days really. In the 21st century we bought them fancy toys to deal with terrorists. It's like a Simpsons episode, 'Won't somebody do something?' so the pollies threw lots of money at plod. Now we see the downside of that.

There's plenty of opposition but it's too divided to have real influence.

BTW, that backyard footage is from 'Leb-memes' in SW Sydney where plod used to tread lightly ('messing with the Lebs' has wild consequences). In Sydney, Lebanese control much of the building trade, which fuels our economy it seems. No one knows where this is all going, but it's looking like a house of cards. Yes, crazy.

bruce said...

PS I see overseas friends looking into our peculiar patrician and pleb culture, are amused that we have a 'Shadow Police Minister'. Sinister much? Shadow Police?

The Shadow Ministry, supposedly the political opposition meant to keep the government in check from extremes (haha!), are yelling 'Lockdown harder! Harder!!' Beat those plebs into submission!

It's the good cop/bad cop gambit which our masters have developed to a fine art thru the generations, 'Vote for us because the other guys are worse!' See? We get a choice.