Thursday, September 23, 2021


Sure, she's not perfect, but Tulsi Gabbard is my kind of Democrat: "Tulsi Gabbard: ‘Deep State’ Controls the Media to Protect ‘Powerful Elites’".

Unfunny funnymen (and women): "'Climate Night' Was Just As Condescendingly Cringey As Expected".

What if Republicans decide to shoot back? "Liberal Group Includes Call to ‘Shoot Republicans’ in Letter to FCC".

Caution! Graphic video of Jan. 6th terrorists on a rampage.

More from Gregory on the rising tensions in Australia (including a link to a video which looks like straight-up police brutality to me).

The shadow knows! (H/T: Woodsterman)

And via Instapundit...

Seen on one of our local golf courses...


Veeshir said...

That's another disturbing video from Australia.
Cop walks up behind guy and just slams him to the ground.

They're just doing their jobs!

JeffS said...

"I was only following orders!" is known as "The Nuremberg Defense".

That's not a good precedent for your cops to invoke.

Paco said...

That just seems to be such a completely unprovoked attack. I hope that cop gets brought up on charges.

bruce said...

I read an explanation of what's happening institutionally in Melbourne police, how good cops are taking 'mental health leave', which leaves the psychos and rookies. To me, that looks like a young rookie trying to be clever, 'Hey guys, watch this, hahaha!' Also the incident management bureaucracy has been shut down and all decisions made by a handful of senior brass. So no oversight, young inexperienced cops led by psychos, siege mentality, them against the world, pressure to stick up for each other.

Meanwhile politicians are supported by union leaders who may even have international mafia connections:

So the state is like the Eloi and Morlocks. But Victorians keep voting for them, and it's been getting worse for many years.

bruce said...

I went to school with a bunch of Sicilians. Some are now very influential in the 'conservative' party which rules NSW and Sydney. Recently one young Calabrian got too uppity and was shunted out of his big job - A Sicilian friend had a hand in it.

Maybe you could say that Sicilians rule NSW (Sydney) while Calabrians rule Vic (Melbourne). Puts a different twist on things doesn't it?

Paco said...

Gee, Bruce, sounds like a gang war!

bruce said...

Oh it's been a gang war since the 1970s.

Deborah said...

Meanwhile back at the ranch, America's fine betters are fully outraged by horseback border law enforcement agents doing their job of stopping illegals, Black illegals. Their outrage is over the agent(s) who flipped their reins to encourage the illegals to comply. But those betters whose closest encounter with a horse was the ride at county fair or the coin op horse in front of a store,they know better.

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