Friday, September 24, 2021

Chris Wallace gets a big idea

The border's a mess. Hey, I know, let's build a wall!

The guy's an even bigger weasel than his father was, and clearly more of a dumbass.


Veeshir said...

I loved Foxnews Sunday with Tony Snow.
I was flummoxed when they put Wallace on there. The last time I watched it was partway through his first show.
From the article
Yes, the horse story, the Border Patrol, CBP on horseback has become a story. I happen to think it’s bad. Forget the whipping for a second — and I understand that’s one of the allegations
Pure Chris Wallace.

RebeccaH said...

I thought building walls to keep illegals out was racist. That's what people like Chris Wallace have been telling us all along. Now that the optics have turned bad for Democrats, they're all for building a wall, like every other country in the world is having to do to reinforce their borders.

Stephen Skubinna said...

Just watched that jackwagon Mayorkas on Fox angrily state that this administration rejects the idea of a border wall or barrier.

Yup, they're actually saying the quiet part out loud. Wonder when one of Duh Skwad introduces a bill to disband the Border Patrol. Will it die in committee or make it to the floor for vote? If the latter, how many of the applauding seals will vote in favor?