Friday, September 17, 2021

Happy Citizenship Day!

And Constitution Day, too! Still important, still worth fighting for. 

And special congrats to Mrs. Paco, who became a U.S. citizen 37 years ago today.


rinardman said...

Congratulations to Mrs. Paco!

Although, I hope she doesn't start to regret becoming a citizen of this rapidly declining country.

Paco said...

Mrs. Paco's family fled Chile when Allende took over, so that was definitely a good time to come here. Plus, under Chile's current RINO-equivalent president, things are going to hell again, so no desire to return.

Veeshir said...

Congratulations Mrs Paco!
You know, on the citizenship thing, not the 'Mrs' Paco thing.

rinardman said...

That's harsh. :-)

Paco said...

Haw! Yeah, I don't think "Pacoship" conveys the same benefits as citizenship.

RebeccaH said...

Congrats to Mrs. P!

Deborah said...

Hearty thanks to the Founding Fathers for the Constituition, and to Mrs. Paco for her ardent patriotism these many years!

Unknown said...

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