Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Not as it appears

I read an article somewhere yesterday, can't remember where, which stated that many of the Haitians swarming across the border now are not sailing over from their original poverty-stricken country, but are people who previously settled in places like Panama and Colombia and are fairly well off compared to those of their countrymen who are still in Haiti. So, some, at least, are simply trying to upgrade, not fleeing in desperation. 

All part of the Democrats' suicidal plan to destroy the very concept of citizenship, and ultimately our birthright. Of course, under corporatist fascism, all that is required are worker bees, not free citizens. 


RebeccaH said...

I read the same thing. The kicker is, those few who are getting deported (and that's damn few) are getting sent to Haiti, where they haven't lived for years. Karma's a beech.

Deborah said...

I think I heard on the nightly news that here were approximately 15,000 illegals under the bridge, but are down to approximately 3500. Where have they been taken to? Most of the huts, etc hss been removed.

The mounted law enforcement has been removed. Guess that means the days of mounted law enforcement across the nation are numbered.

It is reported that there is another large caravan headed up. 15,000.

Mexico has FINALLY taken action to stop the crossings. Or so it was reported last night. We'll see.