Monday, September 20, 2021

Well...she could be an undercover Fed

 Nah, I think she's the real deal.

“Justice for J6” activist Cara Castronuova slammed the establishment media for fearmongering, proclaiming, “Do I look like a white supremacist to you?”

Strangely, I came across two pro-Trump activists in my backyard today. 

Me: Whoa! Who are you guys?

Radio man: Uh...heh...we're...we're...

Other guy: We're members of the Proud Boys.  We're just trying to make contact with, uh, Boy Number One. 

Me: Hmm. And why are you hiding over here behind my holly hedge?

Radio man: The reception's better.

Me: Better than where?

Radio man: Better than...over there.

Me: I see. Aren't you guys sort of trespassing?

Other guy: We figured it would be alright, since you're, you know, simpatico. I mean, how about that Biden, huh? Really cheated his way into the White House. Somebody ought to do something about that, don't you think?

Me: Definitely. Like, maybe vote him out of office next election.

Other guy: Oh, we can do better than that! Right [Winking conspiratorially]?

Me: Well, if he continues to demonstrate mental deterioration, I suppose the Cabinet or the Vice President or somebody could try to get him to step down - in strict accordance with constitutional procedure, you understand.

Radio man: In...strict...accordance...[Sighs]. Yeah, ok, guess we'll be moving along. 

Me: But wait. You haven't gotten in touch with Boy Number One, have you?

Other guy: Never mind. I've got him on speed dial at the office.


rinardman said...

The hats are a dead giveaway.

Deborah said...

Not to mention the overcoats...and the ties...and the....

RebeccaH said...

Don't forget the grandpa shoes and the argyle socks.

JeffS said...

And the haircuts. Don’t forget the haircuts.

On a similar vein ….

A decade or so ago, a county commissioner of a very rural county here in Washington raised the alarm that the United Nations was covertly invading the USA from Canada. Yes, said county is on the international border.

His evidence? Black helicopters were flying all around the county, and there were strangers everywhere, all male, with similar haircuts and wearing new camping style clothing.

Turns out his identification was wrong. They weren’t UN, they were DEA on a counter drug operation.

Fed boys, in other words.

The current generation has learned nothing from past mistakes. Imagine that.

Paco said...

Rebecca: You know I'm diggin' those socks!