Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Come and git it!

Friend and commenter Stephen Skebinna* mentioned a fellow by the name of Cowboy Kent Rollins, whom I had not heard of. He's a genuine chuck-wagon cook with a bunch of videos on line, and the meals he prepares are simple, but they look mighty delicious. Here's a profile of Kent and his vocation.

Update  Make that "Skubinna". Correction H/T to the sharp-eyed Veeshir.

LOL! I originally doublechecked the spelling to make sure I had enough n's, and then wound up using the wrong vowel. Sorry, Stephen! 


Veeshir said...

What are the odds of two people with almost the same name giving you the same link?
Stephen Skubinna and Stephen Skebinna, I mean.

kc duffy said...

Saw him on a Chopped series - my kind of guy!

kc duffy said...

Saw him on a Chopped series - my kind of guy!

RebeccaH said...

"Cain't git full on fancy. Amen, less eat!"

My uncle Jim (the one who persuaded my dad to jump off the barn with a sheet for a parachute) who was an actual cowboy in the lat 20's, throughout the 30's, until he joined his brothers and went to war, built a chuck wagon style pantry in the back of his pickup for when we all went camping on weekends. I miss him.

here said...
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