Wednesday, May 18, 2022

 Update on Mr. Paco:

Clarification: the only person to blame for not going to the hospital on Sunday is Mr. Paco. EMS wanted to take him to the hospital but Mr. Paco refused. 

The scan today showed that he is improving slowly. He needs at least 5 more days of IV treatment in the hospital. Hopefully the treatment will work and he will not need surgery. Please continue to pray for him.

Thank you.

Mrs. Paco


Gregoryno6 said...

The main thing is that you hubby's improving, Mrs Paco.
Please continue with the updates.


JeffS said...

Thank you, Mrs. Paco!

bruce said...

Totally sympathise with your frustration Mrs P. We old fellows can be very stubborn and my wife would say the same thing about me.

Mick said...

Thanks Mrs Paco. Don't be to hard on him. I've been in a similar situation and the last place I wanted to go was the hospital,thought I could tough it out. Proved wrong.
Thinking of you and you're recalcitrant husband. I am sure he will be back to his best in no time.

ArtsandAmmo said...

We are certainly praying for Paco's speedy recovery.

RebeccaH said...

I sympathize, Mrs. P. Prayers for Paco's recovery, and you might try dancing on his head a little bit when he's feeling better, just so he doesn't forget. Wives know best.

Deborah said...

Thank you very much for the updates and insights, Mrs. P! Our prayers go to both of you. Hang in there. Tell him to enjoy the jello.

Mr. Paco has proven that even the most talented men are still men, and as such, are instinctly stubborn.

Deborah said...

Mrs. P, thank you for the updates and insights. Our prayers are with both of you.

Remember that even the most talented men are still men, and as such are instinctively stubborn.

Deborah said...

OT. A curious thing has happened. I'm unable to comment on the Friday thread. The lack of comments by the other friends may mean they are experiencing the same. Am I right?

Mrs.Paco, what is the magic hair cleaning cap? Wonder where I could buy it.