Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Stephen A Skubinna said...

That was the era of memorable ad jingles, for certain. My high school band somehow got the Budweiser tune ("When you say Bud...") scored for them and it was almost always the biggest hit at school games, regardless of what happened on field or court.

A group of guys did the "It's raisins that make Post Raisin Bran so wonderful..." song for one of the annual talent shows.

And who cannot sing to this day the two gems of Oscar Meyer, the "My baloney has a first name..." or the "I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener...?"

Of course there were downsides too. That Gawdawful Coke earworm, courtesy of Barry Freakin' Manilow.


Paco said...

Yeah, it was so much better than today. These days, all we see are mixed race or mixed-up-gender "families", everything smothered in diversity imagery because we are so privileged we have to have this crap crammed down our throats even during commercial breaks.

No power on earth, no amount of money will compel me to listen to Barry Manilow. Remember this from Night Court?

Paco said...

And BTW, I have nothing at all against mixed race marriages; but same-race marriages haven't exactly disappeared, yet the marketing gurus apparently would have us think so because we're obviously too bigoted to accept mixed-race marriages unless we see these couples pushing dishwashing detergent and Cheerios 24/7.

Stephen A Skubinna said...

Advertising demographics tell me that in America, 50% of all couples are mixed race, and 30% are gay.

The first statistic is encouraging, as it means that within a few generations racism will of necessity disappear as there will be no "races." The latter is concerning, as I doubt a population can sustain itself with that large a percentage of genetic dead ends. So humanity is likely to become extinct at the same time race disappears.

A mixed blessing, I suppose.

JeffS said...

Remember this from Night Court?

Back when TV comedy was, y'know, FUNNY ....