Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Back in the day

I'm familiar with electric can openers - Ma Paco had one she bought back in the 60s and let us have - mobile dish washers, and percolators, but I had never heard of the rest of these things.  Of course, we weren't exactly what you'd call "cutting edge" people.


JeffS said...

I had a hot dogger in college -- the mid 70's. Nice gadget.

Otherwise, the only doohickey that I recognize is the "mobile" dishwasher. They were a pain in the butt.

Veeshir said...

My father had a Rubbermaid dishwasher.
It was all plastic, round with a diameter of about 18 inches, it looked like a dishwasher inside with dish slots and a rotating head.
You put soap in a hopper outside, connected it to your faucet and ran hot water.
Once it ran out of soap it rinsed.
I wish I still had it.

Paco said...

Jeff: Ma Paco had a mobile dishwasher. It worked pretty well, until it finally broke down. The hot dogger sounds nice. Not really related, but I just recollected when I went to the University of Detroit for a semester, there was a free, all you can eat hot dog day in the cafeteria. I literally stuffed my coat pockets with hot dogs and took them back to my dorm. Also, there was a hot dog restaurant not far from the campus, which not only had great dogs, but fries that had a slightly vinegary taste (delicious).

V: Ma Paco's dishwater was bigger than that, but it operated the same way: it had a hose-type of attachment that you hooked up to the faucet. I'm not even really sure the machine broke down; might have been the faucet.

Veeshir said...

I forgot to say the water pressure powered it, no electricity.
It couldn't break down, only spring a leak.

tom said...

I've been using the words Automagic and Automagically to describe what computers do for around 30 years; I thought maybe I invented it; turns out it predates me.

George said...

How about slide projectors, when the east coast relatives showed up, one had to sit through 2 hours of vacation photos?

Excrutiating boredom.