Sunday, March 19, 2023

The on-going coup

So, here we go. The Soros bought-and-paid-for NY District Attorney is preparing to indict Donald Trump on charges that I still can't figure out. Paying hush money to Stormy Daniels? How is this against the law? Is Soros' pet prosecutor going to argue that this was somehow an attempt to influence an election? How does this differ, then, from all of the money that has been paid out to sexual harassment victims of congressmen over the years? 

This is clearly one of the most egregious acts of open political persecution I have seen in my lifetime: "Government Tyrants Play with Fire".

The left, naturally, is already trying to play up any potential protests as "domestic terrorism". Too much more of this leftist war on our democratic institutions, and these tyrants are going to wind up provoking the very thing they claim to fear, but secretly desire - violent resistance. They think they can control it. If (when) it happens, I think that they're going to be unpleasantly surprised. 


Veeshir said...

I saw a twit thread on this, the folks defending it didn't even acknowledge the disparity in treatment.
Orange man bad Trumps everything.

Paco said...

Yes, he is the man who shot Bambi's mother, the unredeemable, the devil's junior partner - above all, the guy who derailed the Hillary Clinton Presidential Express, sending it crashing into Failure Gorge; that's the real unforgivable sin. A few more weeks, and I'll be wanting to push leftists out of helicopters, myself.

Veeshir said...

Obama is really the man who crushed Hillary's Destiny, and he did it in the way they're accusing Trump.
Like in the Iowa caucus when he bussed in Chicago Community Organizers to send folks with Hillary buttons to the wrong caucus sites.

Didn't need no welfare state,
everybody pulled his weight
Mister we could use a man like Pinochet again.

Stephen A Skubinna said...

They want to convict, sentence, and imprison (if not execute) him for the crime of being Trump.

That's it, that's all. And ask yourself, if they can do it to a former POTUS, which of us will they not do it to?

RebeccaH said...

For a long time, I couldn't understand the white-hot anti-Trump rage and hatred against him. So he was kind of boorish, never made a secret of his disdain for the kind of women who threw themselves at him because he was rich, never made a secret of his disdain of the political and business types who threw themselves at his feet for the same reason, and he loves the gaudy accoutrements of having lots of money but never tried to hide it.

These are all traits shared by the money-loving oligarchs of government. So why vilify him for the same traits they share with him? I suspect it's because they've been trained to hide that kind of low-class unpleasantness, lest they be thought low-class themselves. He put it all out there in public, and embarrassed them. Doing so, he threatened to upend their apple carts when the hoi poloi realized what was going on.

But, man, I never realized how vicious they are about it. Like cornered rats with very sharp teeth.