Monday, May 29, 2023

The one thing about the Biden administration you can count on without fail

Things will always get worse: "Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley's Replacement Even More Woke, If That is Possible."

Milley’s replacement, Air Force General Charles Q. Brown, has published a blatantly racist, quota-based personnel promotion document, while presiding over tanking recruiting and military readiness numbers.

Bolsheviks, perverts, pagans and grifters - is this really what a majority of Americans want? Because, if so, I see no alternative to a national divorce.

Update Why, yes, I believe it might well be. 

Communism - or something even worse.


Veeshir said...

E Plebnista!
Cohms V Yangs is coming!

Paco said...

I've really got to go back and get familiar with Star Trek.

JeffS said...

A classic episode that was. I still love it.

Stephen A Skubinna said...

I can't see why any straight man would enlist today. Bonus doubleplus ungood points for being white. The military has been corrupted, as has every other branch of government.

Veeshir said...

In that episode "freedom" is a sacred word.
The best part is where they kill all the Cohms.