Saturday, June 3, 2023

Red Dawn?

Chinese 'spies' disguised themselves as tourists and tried to infiltrate multiple US military bases in Alaska - including one where they blew past security checkpoint.


Stephen A Skubinna said...

Prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, there was an extensive intelligence gathering operation. And it was all legal, no breaking into offices or miniature cameras in tie pins or phone taps. They didn't even need to set any honey traps.

One of the staffers in the Japanese Consulate in Honolulu was a reserve IJN officer. And he took his lunch breaks on a hill overlooking the harbor. All he had to do was count ships and note their types, and over the course of a year the Japanese built up a complete picture of Pacific Fleet strength and their operational schedule. The last report was the Friday before, which is why the Japanese knew the carriers were not in port.

JeffS said...

I was stationed in Alaska immediately after the 2001 terrorist attacks for 1 year, working on infrastructure security.

Without giving details, unless DoD put really serious money into their installations since then, I can note that I rolled my eyes as I read the comments from the military spokesthing.