Sunday, June 4, 2023

Sunday funnies


Political Analysts Confirm That Chris Christie Will Eat The Competition’s Lunch

Unusual plumbing problem.

How about this for a new Olympic competition?

Calming down that grumpy feline.

From Powerline's The Week in Pictures.


Gregoryno6 said...

The orangutang's hand gesture is so human.
Got nothin'? Get lost.

Veeshir said...

The beehive is making a comeback!
Only now it's..ummmm... guys?
That's darn funny.

rinardman said...

Am I the only one annoyed by sloppily done memes like the Biden "It's much lower now then a year ago" meme?

And which is worse, making sloppy memes, or being a pedantic jerk who is annoyed by sloppy memes?

RebeccaH said...

I loved the new possible Olympic sports event, even though nobody else could possibly compete except skeletal Asian people because nobody else can fold up like that and still manipulate the foot blocks. (I'm sorry, is that racist?)

Also, I laughed at Royal Horton Cruise Lines. There's a grain of truth there, but I've been on three cruises (which I loved), and they're really not that dire. Cruise lines, like every other tourist venue, do everything they humanly can to keep their customers happy, healthy and coming back. And they provide employment for third world populations that won't otherwise earn the First World bucks they need for their families.

Paco said...

And which is worse, making sloppy memes, or being a pedantic jerk who is annoyed by sloppy memes?

An interesting question. I ran it by my cousin, Socrates Robert Paco (affectionately known as "Sock Bob"), who has a PhD and is a professor of belles-lettres at St. Wilgefortis College in Pamunkey Landing, Virginia. He says that a misspelled word can, and usually does, diminish the effectiveness of a meme; however, a display of exaggerated agitation upon encountering such an error may - may, he emphasized - indicate an indulgence in pettifoggery, which possesses its own special ability to cause annoyance. It is all a matter of objective significance and proportionality, he says.

So, as the lawyers say, govern yourself accordingly.

rinardman said...

I don't think it would ever rise (or is it stoop?) to pettifoggery.

It doesn't usually rise to anything more than an eyeroll and a slightly exasperated sigh.

JeffS said...

I learned a new word -- "pettifoggery"!!!

JeffS said...

Adolph Hitler as a "celebrity" endorsement is not a positive thing ... ... for most people.

But, yeah, some folks will be ecstatic. Such is the state of our sad world.