Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Better be extra careful about not discarding an empty bottle in the creek

"Biden’s EPA Has Spent Millions on Military Grade Equipment. A GOP Senator Wants to Know Why."

The climate agency’s spending spree on guns, ammunition, and advanced tactical equipment is the subject of an oversight probe helmed by Grassley, who described the EPA’s militarization as "frightening." The congressional investigation comes just months after a watchdog group found that non-law enforcement agencies in the federal government, such as the EPA and Internal Revenue Service, have spent nearly $4 billion in taxpayer funds since 2006 stockpiling all manner of guns, ammunition, and "military-style equipment."

When the final clamp-down comes, the government will be able to say that it didn't use the military in a domestic scenario; the feds will have had at their disposal, instead, a bunch of paramilitary units.

"No, we're not the army. We're from the Department of Education. We just want to make sure that those obviously insurrectionist parents there on the front row don't get rowdy at the School Board meeting tonight."


Stephen A Skubinna said...

Makes sense. After all, many Greens (including JFK Jr) have proposed "Nuremburg Type Trials" for climate deniers. Which seems odd, because I have never heard anybody deny that there is a climate. And if anybody did I don't see why imprisonment or execution is appropriate.

But there it is. And given the DoJ is likely to be busy rounding up Catholics and parents and anybody who ever wore, or who stood next to a MAGA hat, somebody's gotta round up these nefarious criminals. Seems to me that lands right in the EPA's backyard.

Sorry. Wheelhouse. That's what we're all supposed to say now, right? "In the EPA's wheelhouse."

Paco said...

I'm not sure. "Wheelhouse" somehow doesn't sound environmentally friendly. I mean, that's got to do with ships, right? And most of them are powered by diesel fuel. Maybe we should come up with something else.

rinardman said...

The EPA's Kingdom? Empire? Duchy?

Concentration camp?

Bucky said...

Will these non-law enforcement agencies also be given distinctive uniforms? Maybe black shirts?

RebeccaH said...

Democrats keep complaining that we don't trust the government. What happens when we actually fear it?