Saturday, September 23, 2023

The slobbing down of America

In truth, it didn't start with Fetterman. It's been going on for decades. "The Post tried eating at NYC’s finest restaurants dressed like Sen. John Fetterman — see how it went".

Historical perspective: here are attendees at a baseball game sometime in the early 1930s. 

Note, also, this photo of a Washington bureaucrat taken as recently as 2013.


rinardman said...

Not only the way they dress, but even an old b&w photo of a baseball game
shows a level of decorum that is long gone from American society.

The last MLB game I went to was twenty years ago, and it was mainly (very) casual attire and too much rowdy behavior. I can't imagine it has gotten any better since.

rinardman said...

BTW, the g-man in that picture looks like he could be from the 1930s, too.

Zardoz said...

Could the purported G-Man actually be Señor Paco?

rinardman said...

Could the purported G-Man actually be Señor Paco?

Do you think Paco would pay a high-dollar male model to pose when he could do it himself?

Paco said...

Zardoz: There are those who say the fellow in the photograph bears a striking resemblance to yours truly. And I would add that the deck on which the gentleman is standing looks like an exact replica of the one attached to the west side of my former residence in Fairfax, Virginia. More than that, I cannot say.

Nashville Beat said...

Funny. I used to ride on the Orange Line with someone who looked a lot like the man in the photo. Also, I still like the hat and often wear one very similar to it.

Deborah said...

The new dress rules beg the question "what's next? Allowing alcoholic beverages.

I like Rand Paul's response which was wearing a bath robe.

As for the stylish man resembling our host, I'm certain that he has no doubles, and that he is still as dapper after all these years.

Veeshir said...

Are you sure that's a G-Man? That pic looks like someone who works for Al Capone.
The folks hunting Al looked much more rumpled.

I hope Ophelia isn't bothering you too much.
She looks a lot less attractive than Morticia's Cousin Opelia.

Paco said...

V: Ophelia got a little rowdy, but we made out ok.

N.B. I recall those days talking with you while we waited for the Orange Line. Good memories.

Deb: No need to be dapper anymore; but ready to be dapper, if ever required.