Saturday, April 13, 2024

"The Awakening"

Symbolism galore!


bruce said...

That story is classic Victoriana, so typical of the period. I've looked into it and found stories of 'mistresses' of great men - including my grt grandmother's grandmother! So much for the claims that they were 'repressed'.

The girl was pretty smart, marrying the secure and reliable Captain and not the obsessive and nutty Hunt. And she lived happily ever after, after ridding herself of the artist. So much for the 'fallen woman' Victorian narrative of decline - ending up dead under a bridge, although that must have happened sometimes too.

Not that I think we're any better now, just that stuff happens and it's never simple.

Paco said...

Yes, I'd say the girl dodged a bullet on her marital choice.

stuff happens and it's never simple.

By God, that could be my motto!

Gregoryno6 said...

The art world, I've learnt from these videos, once spoke in a language of codes and symbols. Looking at this picture on the wall of a gallery, I would have thought 'Ha, she's just heard her husband walk in the front door' and moved along.
I say 'once spoke' because it's hard to get that subtle level of communication into most modern stuff.

Paco said...

You know, that's a very good point. What is the equivalent of, say, a dropped glove among all of Picasso's squares and triangles?