Wednesday, May 22, 2024

It's been said before, but it bears saying again and again

Green is the new red. Climate change is a racket being run by global elitists and their billionaire supporters for the purpose of aggrandizing the power of international institutions and national governments at the expense of individual freedom through the corruption of real science.

Climate Lies: The myth of the "97% of Scientists Agree".

Update On the subject of science vs. "science", Ace has a fascinating post up about newly-documented problems associated with fluoride.

I'm old enough to remember when putting fluoride in the water was still somewhat controversial, and I recollect that anybody and everybody who questioned the practice was labeled as some kind of Luddite ignoramus, if not actually a Barry Goldwater extremist.


Stephen A Skubinna said...

If your argument cannot be made without lying, your argument is crap.

If you cannot argue without lying, you are crap.

These people have been caught fudging data, hiding data, and creating data too many times to have any credibility. The only reason to push the "green agenda" is for personal enrichment. Private jets and wagyu beef isn't cheap.

RebeccaH said...

All you have to do is look at who's pushing the climate agenda and you know what they're trying to do. There isn't enough money and power in the world to satisfy an oligarch's grasp for more and ever more.

Veeshir said...

Green Science is neither!

Back in the 80s lefties always said, The Moral Majority is neither! in tendentious tones so I like using that against today's lefties.

Gregoryno6 said...

I thought that particular lie went back further than 2013. As I recall it was a favourite arrow in the quiver of the trolls at Tim Blair's Spleenville blog.
(That said, I had a sharp reminder yesterday of how unreliable memory can be. I was trying to find information on a movie I saw fifty years ago - I had the name right, but I had it fixed in my mind that the lead actor was Kenneth Connor in a straight dramatic role. Connor was mostly known for the Carry On movies. Anyway, I found a picture of the actor and surprise surprise, he couldn't pass for Kenneth Connor in a London fog.

bruce said...

Re fluoride: Yeah but the alleged 'rise in autism' is the next question. I hate to be know-all Neville, but I worked in an autism school and studied it from practical and theoretical aspects. The way it's diagnosed has changed dramatically even since I worked in the school 20 yrs ago. Actual numbers would be impossible to compare. I accept that having a kid with autism is very traumatic for parents - I had to deal with them and their kids. It was heartbreaking actually.

See, autism used to be diagnosed as psychosis. I used to play soccer in the 1960s in the grounds of Sydney's Callan Park Mental Hospital. There used to be high fences and patients on the other side making animal noises etc. Now I know they had autism and should not have been in a mental hospital. They closed that place a few years after I played sport there, and found a woman who'd been committed in the 1930s for post-birth depression.

In France they still regard autism as 'psychosis':

Deborah said...

The gig was up when the Climatemongers peddled carbon credits. Is the Carbon Exchange giving the, er doing business. And what Is the Father of the climate lies been up to. Where has it snowed that it shouldn't.

bruce said...

I denounce myself for poor sentence construction above:

'I played sport there, and found a woman who'd been committed in the 1930s for post-birth depression.'

and THEY found the poor woman who'd been committed by her husband in the 1930s for post-partum depression (as you call it in the US). And had then been forgotten in that Gothic dungeon for 50 years ('Callan Park' in Sydney).

Veeshir said...

I remember the deal with flouride and how the media was in lockstep that them backwards folks dint trust Science! and were so stupid they didn't realize he gov't was their friend.
That was back when I trusted the media.

Mick said...

I like to ask global warming enthusiasts what is the current level of CO2. Most have no idea that it is approx 0.04% by volume or 400 parts per million.
I then ask what is the correct level. This one either stumps them or they say something stupid like half that or 0%. When informed that if CO2 got down to 180 ppm all plant life would cease to exist, their next argument usually goes along the lines of what would you know, you aren't a climate scientist and then the 97% of them agree garbage.
It is one of my joys in life to watch their faces when confronted by these facts for the first time.