Sunday, May 26, 2024

Ya think?

Don Surber: "The problem for Trump is that the down ballot may bring him down because most Republicans are seen as incompetent among independents and untrustworthy among conservatives."

It's almost as if personality type has as much to do with how people align themselves politically as ideology does. Hardcore narcissists with sociopathic tendencies gravitate toward the Democratic Party, whereas lazy, complacent type-B personalities are more likely to become Republicans (or GOPe, in any event). Guess which class is more likely to seek, acquire and maintain the upper hand?


Stephen A Skubinna said...

Thing is, Republicans and conservatives generally have jobs, families, hobbies, friends... which they hold dear and which they much prefer to spend their time and resources on.

Proggies and Dems, on the other hand, tend to be consumed with envy or rage or otherwise just meddlesome busybodies who can't stand the idea of somebody having the wrong kind of fun and so they gravitate to politics so they can "fix" everything.

Paco said...

I should probably have emphasized that the categorizations I mentioned in the post pertain to the sort of people who seek elective office, not to voters, per se, at least not to the generality of Republican voters (on the other hand, I've known many of the Democrat rank and file who demonstrate the same symptoms as the people they put in office).