Thursday, June 20, 2024

I guess he's just worried about being swamped by happy voters seeking his autograph

"There Are More Cops Protecting Chicago’s Anti-Cop Mayor Than Protecting People".

Chicago. Oakland. San Francisco. St. Louis. New York. Philadelphia. And on and on. The Democrats turn every city they control into a s**thole. And the idiot voters, apparently, are simply gluttons for punishment.

I am grateful for many things in this life, but, right now, I am most grateful for not living anywhere near a major population center.


Stephen A Skubinna said...

The nomeklatura get protection the rest of us do not. And don't even think of taking responsibility for your own safety, peasant! People like Alvin Bragg will railroad your sorry butt faster than you can say "He was raping my dog!"

And then you'd have the smug talking heads on CNN and MSNBC chortling over you falling prey to right wing fear mongering.

rinardman said...

You mentioned the s**thole closest to me, St. Louis, a place I used to venture to once in a while for various reasons. Now, you couldn't pay me visit that place.

I don't even pay attention to what the Cardinals are doing. No longer care.

Paco said...

I was born in a small town (Albemarle), but it was the biggest town (and county seat) in the county. A beautiful rural area, originally with a couple of textile mills also, the ancestral home of the Pacos. I spent summers there as a child, on my grandmother's farm, and worked for my father's trash hauling business when I got older. It now, sadly, has one of the highest crime rates in the state. I think the town wound up having a drug epidemic, which wasn't the only reason for the decline - Albemarle eventually fell on hard economic times - but the narcotics problem must have certainly made things worse. It grieves me to read about it, and to see it, today. The place was a veritable paradise to me when I was very young; it is unrecognizable to me now.

JeffS said...

When I worked in Chicago ( I left there in 1989), I found out that every alderman on the city council had two (2) police officers assigned as their FULL TIME security.

It’s probably more now.