Tuesday, July 29, 2008


1) Tigerhawk lays out more evidence that global warming is just socialism with a sweaty face.

2) Are BDS sufferers simply progressives who burn with the blue flame of an ethereal moral purity? Nah, I don’t think so.

3) The always-link-worthy Don Surber shows how the Democratic convention in Denver is turning into something of a microcosm of what we can expect if the Donks win the White House and also hold onto majorities in both houses of Congress. The piece ends with an unintentionally hilarious comment from Denver’s mayor.

4) This Obama ad from MoveOn.org is so maudlin, so awash in sentimentality, so risibly mawkish that one wonders if it wasn’t put together by a McCain mole. If Obama does win the election, I think it will reveal the heretofore unsuspected strength and unity of the voting block consisting of emotional cripples.

5) I am kind of excited about this h’yere Civilian National Security force Obama mentioned a while back. In fact, me and the boys already got ourselves organized. Ain’t that right, boys?

Durn straight, Cap’n Paco!


the_real_jeffs said...

We already have a "Civilian National Security Force"; it's called "reserved or unorganized militia*".

Nice to see Obama O'Boner supports the Second Amendment. (hah!)

*: Grain o' salt warning, it's Wiki, but fairly accurate.

the_real_jeffs said...

Oh, and as for the Donks dorking up their convention....I'm simply inspired, INSPIRED, mind you, to vote them into office.


Of course, the GOP has it's (non) inspiring moments as well, y'know?

Paco said...

RJ: I think I read something in either the National Review or the American Spectator one time by a fellow who joined some kind of New York State militia; I don't believe it was the National Guard, but something more specifically at the state level that involved actual military training, and the purpose of which was to serve in emergency situations taking care of basic communications , traffic control, etc. in order to free up the regular military, national guard and police. Sounded pretty interesting, in any event.

Steve Skubinna said...

Paco, I think it was Dave Konig. I remember the initial piece he wrote about joining the New York Guard, and there were a few follow up pieces about his training.

Good reading, if you find them.

Zardoz said...

I live just a couple miles down the road from the site of next month's DNC.

In preparation I've stocked the bunker, wired up the claymores, replaced the filters in the gas masks and put the “Achtung Minen” signs around the perimeter concertina wire. Bring it on.

OT. Curse you TRJ and your Googling skills!!!!

the_real_jeffs said...

paco, many states have an official militia, in addition to the National Guard. So long as they don't bear arms, that is. That has to do with the Constitution and the Militia Act, IIRC.

zardoz -- sorry, dude, but survivors of an apocalypse should be wearing more than an souped jock strap in public.

Paco said...

Zardoz: Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to round up all the organically grown vegetables in the greater metropolitan Denver area. We'll starve the so-and-so's out!

the_real_jeffs said...

zardoz, alternatively, you can spray paint them the same color, thus preventing the Dhimmicratic requirement of serving veggies with "...at least three of the following five colors: red, green, yellow, blue/purple, and white...".

I suggest olive drab, a fine military color. If you wear that souped up jock strap, you can distract them from the spray can.

mojo said...

And don't forget your bike helmet. Which seems to be worn ass-backwards this season, for some reason.

Who knows? I find it's best not to ask, sometimes.

Minicapt said...

Okay, I'll bite: which (non) inspiring moments of the GOP did you intend to link, to?


Paco said...

Captain: The link doesn't work, but I bet it's something to do with Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska, who's just been indicted.

the_real_jeffs said...

Dang! I dorked that link up, Captain.

Yep, the link was to a story about Ted Steven's indictment. I spent a year in Alaska a short while ago, and that guy had more state buldings named after him than I could believe. It was creepy. His "Bridge To Nowhere" came as absolutely no surprise to me.

He should have been drummed out long ago.