Monday, September 22, 2008

Audacity, Indeed

You know, the more I reflect upon this article, to which I previously linked, the more breathtaking do I find Obama’s hypocrisy. I mean, here you have Mr. Hope-A-Long ChangeSpots, claiming to be trying to bring more people into the political process, and virtually his first tactic as a campaigner for state office was to find ways to disenfranchise as many voters as possible - and then subsequently fitting into the Cook County machine like a well-oiled, shiny new cog. Obama wouldn’t be entering the White House with any genuine plans to clean up Washington; he’d just be expanding his “territory.”

If he’s got to stay in Washington, folks, let’s make sure it’s as Senator, not President.


Anonymous said...

I think the media's willingness to spin everything Obama's way is worth maybe 4-5 percent and the media are going to spin for their lives during and after the debates. Guess which way. The manner in which the gutter attacks on Governor Palin were transformed by huckster Obama into a narrative about McCain/Palin's 'lies' and dirty tactics against HIM is one of the most Orwellian exercises I recall seeing in politics.

My guess now? I don't think McCain and Palin can or will win. That's because of this corruption/censorship of coverage on the campaign trail. Journalists don't even bother pretending to be objective any more. They are servants of the Dear Leader.

And I think that's a tragedy for what it says about the 'free press' in modern America and a tragedy that a man so utterly amoral is more than likely going to beat two people who are flawed but splendid human beings.

Not an optimistic view, I know, but that's how I see it 6 weeks out.

kae said...

It's all about Obama.

You ask him.

He'll tell you.

bruce said...

Roger Simon said Sar Palin was like 'Mrs Smith Goes to Washington' but now the other side is beginning to resemble the 'Sen Joe Paine' side in that movie, with the sinister Jim Taylor character (played by Edward Arnold) trying to frame Stewart.

It's chilling. I grew up with those Capra movies (and the rest) and to me they encapsulate the essence and best of America as I understand it.

Paco said...

And now there's this.

Anonymous said...

Paco, I expect a full court press investigation lead by the New York Times and MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe I analysed too soon. What is reality any more and is it ever reported?

Anonymous said...
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Paco said...

And remember, folks: he's not just the President; he's a member, too!