Monday, September 22, 2008

Chicago Politics Writ Large

“I don’t know nuttin’ about no viral videos; how about you, Mr. Axelrod?”

“Viral videos? Nah, I don’t know from nuttin’ about no viral videos, Mister Winner. But I’m tellin’ yez, anybody says I do, he’s gonna wind up under six feet ‘a Astroturf.”

Once again, the blogs are doing the work that the MSM refuses to do. And it looks like the McCain campaign is starting to fight back.

Now, if I were an enterprising reporter (there must be at least one out there, somewhere), I’d submit the so-called “viral video”, and one or more videos produced by the Obama campaign, to a lab for voice analysis testing. If the test confirms that it’s the same person doing the voice-over on both the viral and the "official" campaign video ads, I’d find the name of the person who did the official Obama video narration, contact her, and get her response to certain questions on record (Do you admit that you did the voice-over for the viral video? Did you receive monetary compensation? If so, from whom?). Even if my hypothetical reporter gets a big fat “No comment”, that would speak volumes. Oh, and the McCain campaign ought to take advantage of every single public appearance by McCain and Palin to work in one or more pointed questions about where the Press is on...well, fill in the blank: the connections between the viral videos and the Obama campaign people; the Ayers association; the thuggish attempts to silence critics like Freddoso; etc., etc.

And for those who fret over the ominous polls, take a gander at this.

Finally, your Monday fix of the great orator swallowing his silver tongue.

Update on the viral video: From The Weekly Standard Blog.


RW said...

The Ubermessiah -> the Great Orator ... NOT.

This man is a manequin; only a stuffed suite; a prop for those who want power.

Wimpy Canadian said...

Update to the Canadian election:
here is a secret discussion amongst Liberal party big-wigs about the new strategy to replace the current failing one. Remember, this is secret. Don't tell anyone.

What we have here, for our American friends, is a limosine liberal promising to spend everyone else's money.

Wimpy Canadian said...

BTW The Liberal Paty is almost bankrupt. hehehe :-)

When they talk about "WE" must not go back into deficit, they are talking about the liberal party itself; sod the country or the government.