Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Feet Friday

Bing Crosby’s little brother, Bob, fronted an exciting and very popular band during the late 1930’s called the Bobcats. In 1938, bassist Bob Haggart and drummer Ray Bauduc scored a hit with “Big Noise from Winnetka”, a duet featuring Haggart whistling the melody and playing his bass, and Bauduc beating out the rhythm on his drums. For the 1943 movie, Reveille with Beverley, the composition received the full orchestral treatment, and lyrics were added, but Haggart and Bauduc still steal the show with their duet (although stay alert for the brief, but electrifying, trumpet solo at the end of Haggart and Bauduc’s performance).


the_real_jeffs said...


bruce said...

The bass/drums thing really got me, at first I thought he was playing the upright bass with one hand. As with the best gimmicks, the novelty drew my attention but the tuneful musicality held it.

hillyminx said...

Brilliant, Paco.
Love the photo of Paul Newman such a classy pair. he and wife Joanne Wooodward.
Love your blog, now that I have tracked you from Tim Blair.
Greetings to you and the_real jeffs