Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Question for Undecided Voters Leaning Towards Obama

The Democrats created, perpetuated and exacerbated the present credit crisis. Do you really think the solution is to elect more of them? If your house were infested with cockroaches, would you scatter breadcrumbs on the floor? If you suffered from diabetes, would you scarf down a pint of French vanilla ice cream every night?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, please contact me via this blog for a free holiday catalog of fine products offered by Paco Enterprises. Whether you’re in the market for butane-powered camping televisions, children’s items like the Li’l Dracula Bat Farm, the latest fashions in leather halters for your Kuwaiti racing camels, or lederhosen for your little Obamajugend cadet, Paco Enterprises has that perfect gift that will leave your special someone, er, gaping in astonishment on Christmas morning.


kc said...

Actually, Paco, anyone who answers yes to any of those questions is just about too stupid to live. Proof we've gone beyond "survival of the fittest" is when numbskulls like that not only survive & prosper...but they breed, too.

Paco said...

"Actually, Paco, anyone who answers yes to any of those questions is just about too stupid to live."

Ah, but not too moribund to whip out that credit card and order one (or more!) of Paco Enterprises' fine products!

kc said...

So true - what better items could anyone possibly imagine or EVER want more than these high end products! And all are a bargain at TWICE the price!

You don't have a bridge anywhere in your stock, do you?

Minicapt said...

Of course he does; and it's nearby, in Delaware.


Anonymous said...

"Of course he does; and it's nearby, in Delaware."

I can attest to that, saw the picture of it too, mighty fine structure.

(The model he used to promote the bridge is quite a looker too!)


RR Ryan said...

Well, I do like my special someone gaping with astonishment.

mojo said...

My brother-in-law has drunk deeply of the Obamessiah kool-aid. Can't even listen to dissenting opinion.

Fortunately, I generally ignore his rantings, anyway.