Saturday, October 25, 2008


1) Sarah Palin dropped the puck for a hockey game last night, and how is her appearance treated by Yahoo News? This way, of course.

2) They grow 'em tough down under. Real tough.

3) Charles Krauthammer shows the difference between being a fair-minded critic who still knows which side he's own, and being a parlor conservative who is more concerned about being on the "right" side of history.

4) There are plenty of reasons to vote against Obama, not the least important of which is that this guy is only a heartbeat away from the presidency.

5) It's "hope and change", right? Not rope and chains?

6) In the "Whatever Happened To?" Department, Mary Mapes continues to put her brain stem to non-productive use.

7) If the same stupid government idea fails repeatedly, try, try again.

Update: Food for thought, via Wimpy Canadian in the comments section.

Update II: Bill Ayers - apparently afraid that Bill O'Reilly was planning on throwing a pipe bomb through his window - calls the cops. Name another American - if you can! - who is more reprehensible than this pusillanimous worm.


the_real_jeffs said...

Oh, Lord, I just HAVE to comment on each item....

1) Hockey players are the second most durable people on this planet, with the Marines and Army Rangers tied for first. Not only is the MSM in the tank for O!, they're on the bottom and gulping water.

2) Correction to #1: Hockey players are third, Marines and Army Rangers tied for second, and Diggers are first.

3) If Chris Buckley tripped on a carpet, he'd be in ICU.

4) Barbara West ROCKS.

5) Semtex is nasty (but effective) stuff. Happily, there are several effective countermeasures against Semtex addicts.

6) Mapes donated her brain stem for stem cell research. The cognitive dissonance on display here comes from her spleen. Or perhaps her vagina; it's difficult to tell from this distance.

7) I never EVER bought anything from a postal vending machine unless I had the cash to get less than $1 in change. I once put a $20 bill in one for a $6 purchase, and got 14 Susan B. Anthony coins back. Fortunately, a soda machine in the office took those suckers, but it took a while.

TW: imbramp. Joe Biden's pet name for his hair plugs.

Wimpy Canadian said...

Forget how I cam across thia but it is very well worth the read.

SwampWoman said...

the_real_jeffs, you clean forgot about rodeo cowboys. Them's some durable sonsabitches.

Paco said...

RJ: Love the Bushmaster!

"TW: imbramp. Joe Biden's pet name for his hair plugs."


Steve Skubinna said...

Name another American - if you can! - who is more reprehensible than this pusillanimous worm.

You're joking, right? Exhibit A:

How about every toxic worm that stood alongside this cop-killer traitor, because he's just the right sort for their toney neighborhoods? How about every slimy toad (that includes Mister Post Racial Reach-Across-the-Aisle Party Hack) that claims Ayers is a pillar of his community and thinks he's being smeared, and who at the same time can't be bothered about the widows and orphans of his victims? How about every bottom feeding moral relativist who thinks Joe the Plumber is a lying Rovian plant, but to whom Ayers is a repsected academic?

TW: verylier - not sure what language it is, but I think it's Kenyan for "Obama."

Paco said...

Steve: A veritable worm ranch!

the_real_jeffs said...

Swampwoman, you're right! We can put 'em down as tied for third.

WC, that's one chilling article. Seriously. It reminds me that Semtex countermeasures are adaptable to a wide range of scenarios.

Wimpy Canadian said...

Sarah Palin will be the first female POTUS.

I will help make it happen, but at arms length, for obvious reasons.