Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Good News: Bill Ayers Won't Be in Charge of the Department of Education

The bad news: he might be in charge of the gulag.

Unrelated update: The most idiotic lead paragraph in a news story this year (and it's been a very competitive year). H/T: Currency Lad

Unrelated update II: Yes We Carve!


Skeeter said...

Well, that's the end of any chance for McCain. We can't have as President, a man who was still smoking in the Vietnam years.
Mind you, this reaction is understandable. I have just been watching a movie of my wedding taken in 1958. I was appalled to see myself reaching over a buffet for food with my right hand, while my left thumb and pinky held a glass of beer and a smoking cigarette precariously perched between two other fingers.
How such a marriage has lasted 50 years defies belief.

Paco said...

Honestly, Skeeter, I just don't know how she puts up with you (or, for that matter, Mrs. Paco with me).

mythusmage said...

I can tell you why your wives tolerate you characters after all these years, you're house broken.

Paco said...

Mythusmage: Definitely. I haven't peed on the floor in years.