Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Watch for the New Blacklist

Via Tizona, a slide show of some celebrity Republicans (Ok, Obama, I'll see your Oprah and raise you Rachel Hunter. Rachel Freakin' Hunter, dudes!).

Completely unrelated update: Persian pigeon paranoia.


bruce said...

Rachel Hunter, isn't she a Kiwi? Or was, if she's a GOP'er, good on her - Beauty and Brains.

You can tell Adam Sandler is conservative from his movie 'Click'. It has the power of old Hollywood, like Capra. Actually it probably owes a lot to 'It's a Wonderful Life'.

Take heart, Paco, the ranks are thinning as the chaff is separated from the wheat, but what remains is gold. (Try and beat the metaphor mixing clumsiness of that sentence, I dares yah).

saint said...

Don't forget John McLane!