Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Bill Ayers may have been able to morph into Chicago's idea of an "educator", but let us not forget that he always has been, and probably always will be, a commie punk.

And, even aside from mere politics, a total creep.


The_Real_JeffS said...

Not only a creep, but a control freak as well. No wonder he loves communism so much.

bruce said...

Not just a communist, nor merely a creep.

After due reflection, Ayers strikes me as the most evil person America has produced that I am aware of. Harvey-Oswald, Manson, Jim Jones, he has their qualities but with much greater psychopathic intelligence (passive-aggressive parasitic-manipulative). Sinister genius. Paired with the more erratic but more intense Dhorn makes both more dangerous.

CS Lewis's trilogy ending with That Hideous Strength made a deep impression on me as a way of understanding evil in the world, in its insinuating 'banality' (Lewis doesn't use that term but it fits).

Paco said...

Bruce: I agree with you in every particular, and That Hideous Strength is an excellent frame of reference.