Monday, October 27, 2008

The Terror

The roiling masses of the left wing of the blogosphere are rapidly coming to resemble the faction in the French Revolution known as the Mountain, an increasingly bloodthirsty group of rowdies whipped up by a succession of Jacobin demagogues to a fever pitch of savage violence. Andrew Sullivan aspires to be their Robespierre.

Update: On the subject of Vichy conservatives, John Hawkins has some interesting thoughts (H/T: Babalu). As far as I'm concerned, David Frum shot his credibility if only for this remark: "I say 'aye' to the proposed national debt bailout — and a big shout out to Rep. Barney Frank, one of its early authors, who has been a prescient early voice on the need for a big solution to a big problem." No word on whether Frum has figured out yet that Barney is the problem.

Update II: Back to the shop on redistribution.


mojo said...

Was it Treacher?:
"If I were a congressman, I's submit the Sufferin' Succotash bill, just so Barney Frank would have to say it."

Who knows? Google has bupkus.

SB: saffulty

Paco said...

It was Treacher, all right.

Minicapt said...

Sullivan isn't Robespierre, he's more a Marat.

... or a "nonongs"


Steve Skubinna said...

Yeah, Capt, then who's going to be Charlotte Corday? Not I, not on a bet, not to save a dying aunt.