Monday, October 27, 2008

Who Are We to Argue with the Financial Times?

What, ho! Just thought you American johnnies could use a bit of advice. This Obama cove seems to be the favorite, and with jolly good reason. In the first place, he’s run a devilish cunning campaign; you know, well organized, pots of money, good speeches – by American standards of course; not quite the St. Crispin’s Day tongue-wag, but, I don’t know, you know, not bad for the kind of thing you go in for in the colonies. And, really, you don’t believe all that guff about socialism, do you? I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with socialism – we’ve had it over here in one form or another for years and years, and, any day now, it’s bound to click, bound to. But you’ve got the senator’s word that he and his party won’t have time to do any “crazy things” (Ah! There’s that magnificent oratory, again!), and we’re confident that Peter is safe from the highwayman acting in Paul’s interest, at least until Mr. Obama’s second or third term. Oh, and his comprehensive healthcare plan? Topping, absolutely topping stuff. Not quite up to the mark in comparison with our own expedited cradle-to-grave program, but definitely a step in the right direction, rather. As long as you don’t become obsessed with that whole “three score and ten” thing. Can’t live forever, you know; up to your armpits in old duffers. I mean to say, that is simply not on.

So, you young blots on the escutcheon, here’s a tip: be British. Get it over with and vote for Barack Obama, what? There’s a good fellow.


cac said...

To continue homage to the master, I have a feeling that should this Obama chappie become P of the US fate will be lurking just around the corner with the old lead pipe. It may be all right but it also may not be all right if you see what I mean?

mythusmage said...

The first person who tells me to just close my eyes and think of England can go and muck out lion poop with his tongue.

Paco said...

CAC: Oh, exactly, my dear fellow. Something's definitely gone blue around the edges in Denmark (if that's the country I want).

Paco said...

Mythusmage: I will definitely not be that person.

Steve Skubinna said...

Reminds of one of Jeeves' wheezes, how did it go?

"Something something sound and fury, tiddly um pom..."

Rather a good one, I thought.

Wimpy Canadian said...

I'm sorry what. What for eh?

Well, I'm an expat Brit living in Can(not)ad(o)a. If only you 'mercans can get used to voting for the same lefty establishment for 80% of your history, rather than changing all the time, then things would go so much better.

You could under-achieve just like us.

Steve Skubinna said...

You know, WC, I've always thought of the Canucks as the Swedes of the Western Hemisphere.

Maybe less pickled herring and sturdier furniture.