Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Frenchman's Opinion of the American Soldier

You will be very pleasantly surprised.

(H/T: Cold Fury)


Pogria said...

Paco, that was a fantastic read. Thanks for linking to it. I had goose bumps reading it. Nice to see someone, particularly a Frenchman, saying out loud what most of us already know. Whoever that Frenchman is, good on him.

blogstrop said...

Having read "House To House" by David Bellavia, I believe this. The limits on what the US Forces can achieve are political, "rules of engagement" matters. I have heard, however, that they are not always given the standard of kit they should have for the job, but that will vary from place to place. Soldiers' Angels help with packages of everyday comfort stuff.
The sort of journalist who plays the "dummy sucked in for duty with a promise of cash/scholarship" does not square with what I have read about these guys. It just suits the journo's purposes.

blogstrop said...

More here:

yojimbo said...

French OMLT. Did "how appropriate" come to mind for anyone else. Some of the countries are out mentoring and doing the liaison thing while young Americans,Brits, Aussies and Canadians are out there ducking and throwing lead.

Otherwise, what Pogria said.

Wimpy Canadian said...

O/T Your weekly Canadian Political Update:

Well, I go out for a day's diving in the St. Lawrence River and all hell breaks even more looser.
The current coup-d'etat attempt, supposedly inspired by government in-action on the economy, has been planned for some time.

Yes, there is a real attempt to bring a political party that seeks the destruction of Canada, into the government of Canada.