Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Funny


RebeccaH said...

There's a lesson there for all of us.

Paco said...

Stand up to the bully!

Wimpy Canadian said...

If I may add a Canadian Interlude: WARNING: This may not mean much to a whole lotta folks here. But it is a big deal in Canada, you know, your Arctic attic.

Professor Dijon, Taliban Jackel and Captain Duplicitous.

This sounds like the title of a Tin Tin comic book :-)

Oh, look, I found the book:

Canadian Politics: The Comic Book:

Scene one:

Tin Tin Harper is walking through a city, any city but probably Toronto, with his trusty dog, Snowy Flaherty, when he passes an alleyway, where he hears strange and threatening voices.

"What's that! Snowy?"

Snowy scampers into the shadows of the alley and runs back out yelping - pursued by Taliban Jackel, a mean and secretive beast.

To save Snowy, TT Harper waves his arms in the air with much noise, distracting the Jackel to chase him, rather than the poor, diligent and under-appreciated Snowy.

Emerges a confused and dopey Professor Dijon, intellect in hand. Followed Captain Duplicitous, leading from the rear as usual.

The game is hot. Taliban Jackel has now lost his bearings, only thinking of the Pursuit Of Power. The absent-minded Professor is chasing pantingly after him, secret tapes reeling out of his white coat pockets.

Meanwhile, Captain Duplicitous has stopped by a bakery to chat up a charming lady with much buxom.

Suddenly, from the sky! the sky! appears two super-heros, Iggy and B-Ray. They interrupt the script with their fight to the death.

Good night kiddies. I hope you enjoyed the story.

Seriously, things Canadian are crazy at the moment. And, very, very, vicious and lots of fight-to-the-death stuff. Politics has always been a blood sport, but we are talking mass extinction of politicians here.